Bar/bat mitzvah


Finally reaching the special age when you get a party to recognize the significance. We have experience with the flow of events, party games and great dance music to ensure it is a big hit.

Our planner is extensive and walks you through all the standard activities with suggestions on timings and keeping both the adults and kids entertained.

Our basic service includes the DJ and lighting.  By adding our games package, we interact in fun games like Coke and Pepsi, Mummy Wrap, Hula Hoop Competition, Clown Shoes Race and the famous Tricycle Relay!

A typical bar/bat mitzvah lasts 5-6 hours and we ensure it flows perfectly.  Similar to a wedding we work hard to stay coordinated with all the other vendors present.  Our pricing makes us one of the most popular DJ/MC's in Phoenix for your party.

School dances


We have become experts over the years at performing for schools.  We understand the need to have a great dance but not play inappropriate music.  We screen each song and subscribe to a service that provides edited copies of songs.

We help you plan your event!  We can help you understand how to make money, what to charge and even help design flyers.  We are truly a partner not just someone who shows up to play music.

We bring a few DJ's to ensure we can keep the energy up and the crowd controlled.  We setup online request lists in advance of the dance, where students can make requests well in advance.

We meet with clubs, teachers or administrators to ensure your comfortable with us, our music, the setup and all else.


Wedding DJ in phoenix



Your special day is just as important to us. We specialize in weddings and the experience it takes to make it an elegant and great party.

Our planner is over 18 pages and we walk you through each event offering our years of advice.  By the time were done, it is totally a customized performance for you.

We do everything online!  Your planner, music requests, payments, tracking emails, guest requests, it is all online in your custom portal.

We spend an hour in a consultation with you, communicate with all your vendors 2 weeks in advance to ensure were all on the same page.  We arrive at least an hour early, setup is included and we have a setup that is very compact and elegant looking.

Your event flows smoothly with announcements to move the crowd through the activities, great background or ceremony music and dance music that excites the night.

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