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School Dances

As parents of 5 children, we understand the need for schools to have a great DJ that balances music the KIDS want to hear, and the responsibility to play clean music.

We regularly perform at schools and only do one per night.  We bring 2-3 DJ's to help with requests and crowd motivation.  We will ensure your dance is a success.

School fundraising 

We know you hold dances to raise funds for a club or booster organization.  We help set ticket prices based on your costs and desired fund raising goals.  Yes, we actually partner with you in the planning.  We can help design flyers, tickets, etc.


Your on a budget but want a top quality DJ.  Our typical rates are $100 an hour for schools.  We don't charge for lighting, setup or anything else.  Proms are separate pricing as they require much more involvement.