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Event Flow

Guests arrive to music to support your theme...maybe it is show tunes or big band.

Cocktails are set to a lively mix of jazz or continued theme music.  

Once we seat for dinner, the guests enjoy light piano music while the DJ circulates around to the kids to take requests.

Halfway through dinner the kids are ready to play games and provide entertainment for the adults.

Sprinkle in all the traditional events such as the Motzi and candle lighting and were now at dance time.

The kids get control of the music list online and get to order up hits of today.  We mix in some tunes to allow the adults to dance  and everyone has a great time.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

You have reached that special age.  You are preparing for the big party and want a DJ that understands the importance of the event.

We have a 18 page planner that walks you through ALL the events.  It ensures we understand how you want the event to go.  

Party games

Our party games package is awesome!  We can do a limbo, hula hoops, tricycle races, coke and pepsi, trivia, treasure hunt and event get some karaoke for an additional fee.

The kids are entertained while the adults enjoy some quality conversation.

Prices for the package start at $200.